6 out-of-the-box downloads to improve your self worth

For people who know that they're being held back from expressing their true potential 


Once you understand that you are actually enough as you are, you blossom. You become more confident, more persuasive, and more influential – and just downright happier.


On this page are 6 out-of-the-box downloads to improve your self worth to manifest success in your health, wealth, relationships and career.


Warning! This work is for people who know that life is more than a random walk. Don’t look any further unless you are working on your inner game.

What is self worth?

Self worth is an indicator of your internal belief about yourself, your value, whether you consider yourself to be worthy enough to have love, health and success. Many people think they are all round just not enough. That indicates a lack of self worth or self esteem. 


You’re likely reading this because you think you might have a lack of self esteem


You’re not the only one who could do with a boost to their self worth or self confidence. I think most humans could benefit from it to one degree or another. 


Sadly, there are people who got very battered as kids, either emotionally or physically – or both. We can all understand that they would have a low self esteem. However, even happy people can have low self worth.



Start with these preparatory steps...


A.  Decide that you intend to change.

B.  Start noticing your thoughts.

C.  See that lots of them are negative judgements of yourself.

D.  Imagine a traffic policeman holding up his hand to stop you whenever your mind goes that way again. 


And then click for the tips... 

But how does it happen that some with a happy past also have a low self worth?

Yes, even those of us with a happy childhood can and do get low self worth. When we are toddlers, we might look at older siblings or friends and feel that we don’t measure up to them. Our brains are not developed sufficiently to see that we are not meant to be as adept as older kids. 


When we get to school, the pattern might be repeated. By the time we are old enough to understand that older kids naturally perform all sorts of tasks better than younger ones, we’ve judged ourselves as not enough for so long that it’s effectively worn a big groove in our brain. 


Actually, that’s not too far from the truth, because scientists have proven now that our thoughts do create neural pathways when repeated. It’s like a herd of goats taking a path on the hillside. Each time they go the same way, they create a deeper track.


I’m betting you have thoughts that keep playing like a broken record – “I could have done better”, “I’m not as pretty as she is”, “I wish I didn’t have such a big bottom”. These are negative judgements – and likely biased against you too. 

Is low self worth permanent?

No, low self esteem does not have to be permanent. It does, however, take a determined effort on your part to change the way you think, talk and act. You start with the decision that you’ll change your self esteem, and then there are many tools to aid the process – some on this page.

How can I be sure that my self worth needs improvement?

Why don't you download a checklist at the button above? It will give you a nudge or two and you’ll get to see just how all-pervasive ‘not-enoughness’ can be—and that it is at the bottom of low self worth.

Get answers in your dreams — a free booklet to download

You may wonder what dreams have to do with self worth and manifesting a better job, a better career, or simply a better life ;-)


Well, the higher purpose of dreams is to learn more about yourself. At some level you, as soul, know everything.


When you ask for help as you go to sleep (instructions in this 8-page dream booklet) you’ll get a dream to help, or you may simply wake up with the answer you seek, or an inner knowing of the way forward. Sometimes that knowing happens just as you are dropping off too.


As you can see, this is very handy to help with any issues you may have, including feeling as though you are not enough, and looking for guidance about your next step.

This may be your missing piece — a free infographic for you

Learning to line up a sign with Spirit is another useful and practical tool for you to improve your self worth. This then takes out some of the angst and worry that you might experience when trying to decide if you should change jobs, go for a trip, take a course of study, etc. 


In fact, there’s a true and entertaining story on page 3 of the infographic about a woman who wanted guidance as to whether or not to change jobs.


Everyone needs a little helping hand like this from time to time, and, from my own experience, I’ve found that people with low self worth are more inclined to second-guess themselves and then not to trust their decision.


So give this suggestion a whirl – click the button to download the infographic.

Love's Gift – a 7-day mini program for $19

Self worth and self love are very closely related.


In this delightful mini program you will learn about giving love to others and to yourself.


In giving love to others you'll experience a sensational boomerang effect. The more you open your heart, the more love you receive.


This quest is a DIY program giving you a short message rather like a one-minute coaching hint. Then there are 21 picture 'cards' for your use over the seven days – cards like the one on the right.


The pictures can be used as wallpaper for your phone, a screensaver for your computer, or print out your fave to put on your kitchen bench, bathroom mirror, car dashboard.

A Card a Day for Six Months

Gently and simply improve your life for less than $1 a day


... with a daily message in your inbox. Little by little, you’ll find your attitudes and then your life improving. 


• Achieve your 'big why'

• Are you stuck in a rut?

• Avoidance tactics

• Is discipline needed to achieve goals?


The picture is a sample of cards sent to you daily, with accompanying message.


For more pictures and details, including 2-week money-back policy, click the link.

Are you a conscious person still trying to find the job of your dreams, the missing key to your happiness, success and abundance?
—a 5-week online program

This course is oriented to people looking for a job, but even if you are not in the job market right now, this will set you up for future – and a better life all round.  


Rather than focusing on what’s “wrong” with you, this course will help you change your stories, and this will energise and inspire you, creating a bold and vibrant you.

Have a look at this warm and expressive – and yet unorthodox – way to success, health, wealth & happiness

This course will help you to secure the job of your dreams; to improve your health, wealth and relationships; to simply clear sabotages; to gain joy, peace and vision; to strengthen your inner power – all with the down-to-earth help of seven specific angels.


To mix 'angels' and 'down-to-earth' may sound like an oxymoron, but you'll see that this angel process really is a grounded approach.

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